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July  2018

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WBCCI now provides each Unit with its own email address (ours is 0039@ AND tools to create a Unit website on the network (ours is at members get Email accounts too (yours is your last name and your trailer number, like, which can be used to send invitations to rallies and events AND record and monitor RSVPs.Invitations can be automatically added to your own, personal online calendar that also comes with the account. It integrates with our Unit calendar plus the calendars of all participating WBCCI regions, intra-clubs, and national rallies and caravans. Pretty soon you will be able to search for and add practically any WBCCI event and all its details to your own personal calendar with just a few clicks of your mouse.Everyone also gets a really handy online word processor, presentation, and spreadsheet application called Docs that is very similar to and compatible with Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Documents are edited and stored online so they can be viewed and/or edited by anyone you allow. They can even be published to our Unit website. All of these great tools can be accessed from ANY computer or cell phone connected to the internet!Welcome to the 21st Century!NOTE: The first time you log in, use the temporary password from Page 3 of this issue. You will then be asked to choose a new one. Write it in the space provided above, then cut this out and put it in a place you can find it in case you forget your password.